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azul by Californian-sableye

I see that you used several different shades of blue on the armor of azul, making him look vibrant, as a single shade would have made h...

a ticklish sableye.. by Californian-sableye

So here is my critique for this piece. The position is commonly used, but it is used in an effective way. The reactions on your OC as h...

laughter in the dark :gifty: by Californian-sableye

I know this critique was issued some time ago, but I will do my best to give you a critique. You wanted a crazy scientist to tickle you...

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Same as before, no nudity, ball gags, sniffing, or suggestive content, but otherwise, you can use multiple scenarios. Licking is allowed as long as it's not the primary focus of the RP and not overly detailed. Massaging is also allowed, in addition to OCs. What that means is you can use OCs for any one of the scenarios down below, or create an original story involving OCs. If you already have OCs and want to make a story using them, go right ahead. Just know that I will not use OCs belonging to another deviant. Using oil or lotion to make body parts more ticklish is also allowed.

List of topics I will RP on:
We Bare Bears (assuming you want to tickle Chloe, but I'm open to the main characters as well.)
MLP:FIM (humans and ponies, but you can also tickle griffons.)
Gravity Falls
Fairy Tail
Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi
Digimon(series [except Xros] this means every human and Digimon from the first four seasons, so Renamon, Gatomon, and Ranamon are all available as 'lers and 'lees:))
Hey Yo Yorang (if you want to tickle the red haired girl that got tickled in the first episode, also know as Chi Men Wua.)
Star Vs. The Forces of Evil
Kirby anime (Tiff and Sirica)
Kara no Kyoukai (Shiki)
Fate/stay Night
Mario (series) (This includes Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi Series)
Legend of Zelda (series)
Megaman (classic series)
Megaman Battle Network
Megaman comics (Quake Woman, Dr. Lalinde, Roslyn Krantz, Vesper Woman, and Simone Miller)
Megaman Legends
Megaman X
Megamam Zero
Kid Icarus Uprising
Donkey Kong (series)
Death Note (series)
Earthbound and Mother 3
Metroid (Samus and Dark Samus)
Pokemon(series) (Pokémon, Gym Leaders, and Elite Four members, but you can also use the player characters, NPCs and characters from Pokémon Adventures manga.)
Super Smash Bros. (series) (includes Wii Fit Trainer)
Street Fighter (series, includes Street Fighter II through Street Fighter V.)
Crash Bandicoot (Coco)
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Kim Possible
Danny Phantom
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Ed Edd & Eddy
Spongebob Squarepants
Fairly Odd Parents
Sonic the Hedgehog (series)
Sonic comics
Sonic Boom (mainly for Sticks, but if there are any other characters there that would make great 'lers or 'lees, please let me know.:))
Star Fox (series)
Looney Tunes
Mickey Mouse (this includes his friends.)
Dexter's Laboratory (Dee Dee)
Samurai Pizza Cats
Sword Art Online
El Goonish Shive
Batman (series) (The Gotham Gals, or Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman. Of course, it's not limited to these.)
Superman (series)
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Re: Zero
Undertale (Goat Mom, Undyne, Alphys, and Chara. I included Chara for those that consider Chara to be female. If you want to tickle another character outside of the above, please let me know. This also applies to the other options listed.)
My Life as a Teenage Robot
X-Men (series)
Kingdom Hearts
Five Nights at Freddy's (First four games, animatronics or human versions of them for those that don't want to tickle the animatronics)
Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location (Animatronics or human versions of them. Can include Bonnie puppet.)
Wander Over Yonder
Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
Cave Story
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Squid Girl / Shinryaku! Ika Musume 
Kung fu Panda
Mighty No. 9 (mainly for Call. Although this game is terrible, that doesn't mean a proper story can't be created with these characters.)
Codename: Kids Next Door
The legend of Dark Witch
Steven Universe
Phineas and Ferb
Transformers Prime (humans and robots)
The Simpsons
Hellsing Ultimate
Soul Eater
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (I know a bit about this series, not a lot.)
Fire Emblem (my knowledge on this is limited.)
SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron
Touhou (series)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Legend of Korra
Totally Spies
Rio (given this cute little piece right here, I'm interested in using Jewel and Gabi.)
Freedom Planet
Dragonball Z
Amazing World of Gumball
Adventure Time
Toy Story
The Princess and the Frog
Final Fantasy VII (Yuffie and Tifa)
Darkwing Duck
Mob Psycho 100
Harry Potter
Fire Emblem (my knowledge on this is limited.)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Heroes of Olympus
Peanuts (comics)
Pippi Longstocking
Akame Ga Kill
Black Lagoon

Note that this list is incomplete, and you could RP about something that isn't on this list.

I'll see you soon!:)
Check out this journal from :iconmannymonkey: He does RPs, and is a pretty cool guy.:)

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Kang-hyun is on his way to his elementary school. The boy was wearing a blue shirt, gray pants, and blue shoes that matched his blue spiky hair and blue eyes. Out of the students in the class, he works hard while also still being a creative and kind youth. This nature is exactly why, as he walked out of the math lesson he got kicked in the butt. Literally.

"Why don't you watch where you're going dork?" Chi Men Wua smirks as she waves her foot in front of him to taunt him. It wouldn't hurt so much if she wasn't wearing cleats. She was also a professional soccer player, in that she always aimed soccer balls perfectly at Kang's head. She also wore her standard outfit, a pair of red pants that are slightly bigger than her leg and as such, reach her sneakers. These pants had a pink stripe near the kneecap. She also wore a plain white t-shirt, and her pants were the same color as her eyes and hair, which was neatly combed.

Kang handles this calmly: clearly annoyed, but he just heads on to his next class. While listening to a lesson about the early instances of trade, he ponders his situation. Why does she always bully me, he thinks privately. Wait a minute. I've never seen her bully anyone else but me, and there are plenty of other people she could target, so why me? Kang is puzzled by this thought, but decides against it. She'd just yell at me and punch me if I tried.

Suddenly, a devious idea crosses his mind, making him smirk a little. It was based on something that happened the other day. During a lesson, she took off one off her shoes and teased Kang with her socked foot to distract him from his work. Just then, a small creature resembling a fly yet looking...somewhat magic flew across her foot rapidly. First she smiled, then giggled a bit, and then tried to hold in her laughter. She turned bright red, and eventually burst into loud laughter that embarrassed her in front of the class. Even after the fly left her foot alone, she still kept laughing for a little bit.

I'll tickle her, and then she'll tell me! But how can I get her to take her shoes off? After thinking about this for a while, he sighs. I guess I'll just have to invite her to my house. Hopefully she doesn't...overreact. After this class and a few others end, he walks up to her. "I was wondering...if...uh," he stammers a little. "Just spit out already!" she shouts impatiently. "Well...would you like to come over to my place today?" he asks while expecting to be punched in the face. Instead, she blinks twice, apparently taken aback by this. "I...don't think I have anything else to might as well," she states while punctuating the last sentence with a frown to pretend to be uninterested. "Really? That's great!" he smiles, making her groan. They both head over to Kang's house.

Well, that went better than expected. She didn't punch or kick me, and she actually agreed pretty quickly! Kang doesn't really think too hard about how bizarre that is, and after taking a paved path up a hill, they arrive at his home. He opens the door with a key, and then step into the doorway of the room, where they take off their shoes, revealing Chi's pair of white socks. "Welcome home Kang!" his dad smiles at him warmly. "Oh, I see you have a guest here?" he asks as he examines Chi. "Yup, I inivited her for a play date," Kang replies with a smile. "That sounds nice. Just remember to study Kang," he grins as he goes out to buy bread.

The two kids run up the stairs leading to Kang's room. It was a pretty average room, with two flower pots near the windowsill, which was situated near his bedroom, and a small desk for him to do his work, complete with a swivel chair. The swivel chair immediately grabs her attention, and she spins around on it rapidly until in makes her dizzy, and she falls onto Kang's bed. "Well what do you think?" he asks in a friendly manner. "Eh, it's alright," she shrugs as she continues to lie there, wiggling her socked toes slightly. Now I know she's lying. Well, better now than later! With that, he crashes onto the bed and puts her feet in an arm lock. "Huh? What gives you little-" she starts, but stops when a single finger trails down her sole, causing her to yelp. "What was that?" Kang grins as all five of his fingers are poised to tickle her left foot. "Don't you dare!" she shouts while clenching her fist.

Kang reacts quickly, and runs all five of his fingers up and down her left foot. She stops clenching her fist, and turns bright red as though trying really hard to keep her laughter it. Kang smirks at this, and focuses on her arch. This makes her burst into laughter. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA QUIHIHIHIHIHIT IHIHIHIHIHIHIHIT!" she laughs loudly while trying to pull her foot away, but she is unable to break free. Kang continues tickling this spot for two more minutes, and she continues laughing loudly while trying to move her foot away from this sensation.

Finally, he moves up to where her socked toes are, and tickles slightly under them. If Chi's laughter was loud before, it was now about the level of a concert performance. She laughs loudly while blushing a bright red as her socked toes wiggle surprisingly fast in an attempt to escape Kang's assault. Kang tickles between her toes and on the tops of them, and both yield desirable results. However, the strongest reaction appears when he tickles under her big toe, which drives her completely insane.

Finally, he decides it's time to remove her sock. He peels it off and looks at her soles. For an athlete, they looked pretty soft, and even had a few wrinkles here and there. The softest parts on her foot appeared to be her arch, and toes, with her big toe looking the softest. At the same they look like they have enough power to knock someone unconscious. After taking a few deep breaths, Chi looks like she's about to hit him, so he digs right into the center of her arch.

"STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALREADY!" she roars with laughter while wiggling her toes madly and trying her best to pull her foot away. The sensitivity of all her spots seems to have increased tenfold, and Kang giggles at her reactions as he dances his fingers across her sole. He then tickles each toe individually and the spaces between them with surprising speed, and Chi can't defend her toes at all. He saves her big toe for last, and has all five fingers converge at the spot underneath it.

"EEEYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEEHEEHEEASE STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!" she roars with laughter as her cheeks turn a deep red and tears stream down her cheeks. I've never heard her say 'please' before, Kang thinks while surprised, and he lets go off her foot. She takes deep breaths while her foot still tingles a little from the tickling. "Why...the heck...did you do that?" she states between breaths while clenching her fist.

" was kinda revenge for what you do to me on a daily basis...but I was also going to ask you why you do it...but I had...too much fun," Kang says slowly and nervously, cringing on the last three words as though expecting to be punched in the face. Instead, Chi sighs while grabbing her sock. " you," she hesitantly states as she pulls her sock back over her foot. At first, this surprises Kang, but he thinks it through. Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense. He takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I hope maybe you could forgive me one day. Are there any homework assignments you need help with?" Kang changes the subject to try and make it up to Chi. She smiles at him, but with a hint of mischief that he doesn't catch. "Just because I forgive you doesn't mean I can't do this!" she declares as she pounces on him.

She pins his arms down over his head with both hands, and keeps his legs still by using her knees. In this quick motion, she also lifted up Kang's shirt. "Okay, you got me, so...maybe you can stop now?" he looks at her pleadingly. She smiles innocently as she takes a deep breath. Kang knew what was about to happen now, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Kang's father came back with the groceries and opens the door. "NOHOHOHOHOHOT THEHEHEHEHEHEHERE!" he hears Kang laugh from the top of the stairs. He also hears a different, more distinct sound. Oh, I get it. She's blowing raspberries into his belly button. Looks like they're getting along nicely, he chuckles to himself. He starts cooking on the kitchen counter while listening to the sounds of his son's laughter.
The School Bully's Weakness
Marked as mature for foot tickling and a bit of belly button tickling. No nudity, so take a peek if you don't mind tickle torture.

This is a cute little story based on two characters from Hey Yo Yorang. Don't forget to leave feedback. Seriously, I'd like to hear what you guys think about this story.:)

Hey Yo Yorang belongs to its creators.
Check out this journal from :iconmannymonkey: He does RPs, and is a pretty cool guy.:)


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A kree misspelled....or perhaps a different creature altogether?

Thumbnail not by me.

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